Where to sleep in your holidays in Cartagena

You can find hostels and hotels in the most common booking websites such as

September is off-season in Cartagena and surrounding, so the hotel prices should be reasonable.

There is also the possibilty to stay in an holiday appartment, if you are interested in this option, please contact us.

So, which district to choose:

The last time we went to Cartagena we stayed in San Diego, part of the historic Centro, and we enjoyed it a lot. In our opinion, the beaches in Cartagena City are not what you expect from a carribean beach, so it may not be worthwile choosing a hotel in Cartagena next to the beach (Better go to the islands as Isla Baru, Islas de Rosario. You can also stay there overnight). On the other hand, the historic center has its particular charm, especially at night time talking a walk through Cartagena historic streets.

Our wedding is in the north of Cartagena (Zona Norte, La Boquilla), it is a modern area next to the beach and close to the airport. So, it could also be a good idea to find a room there.

Bocagrande is on the other end of Cartagena, so it is probably not the best choice for a hotel. Getsemani is a district mainly dedicated to backpackers.


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